A television showing a film late at night in a low light
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
  • What?
  • Here, I’ll get rid of that for ya. What’s the most embarrassing thing you-
  • Ah g’way with that chat, sure it’s not even twelve o’clock.
  • I know, but I saw it on Twitter this morning. People sharing gas stuff. One lad…

“Charlie! Stad, stad, stad! Ta muid ag stopadh ag tí Roisín Dónaí.”

As quickly as I had scrambled in, I’m kicked out and told to get back straight away. The back door is left unlocked, and I jump through, trying not to wake any of the fourteen occupants in the…

Green light.

I breathe in and try not to look at myself, but the screen is blowing out my face to grotesque proportions. I can see everything that five weeks in the same room has done to me. Sleep tucks itself away in the corners of my eye. Stray hairs…

Hugh Carr

A regular Joe Soap.

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